Journées scientifiques du GDR LIPS – 5 et 6 octobre 2022

Nous serons accueillis par Joan VIGNOLE à l’Amphithéâtre FABRE, campus Victoire à Bordeaux.

Mercredi, 5 octobre

13H00-13H20: Accueil autour d’un café

13H20-13H30 : Ouverture des journées scientifiques

SESSION  1Task-specific ionic liquids

13H30-14h00: Magdalena BENDOVA – IPCF, Prague (République Tchèque) Advanced data analysis of thermal property data of bis(1-hexadecyl-3-methylimidazolium) tetrachloronickelate ionic liquid

13H30-14h00: Peter HESEMANN – ICGM, Montpellier Imidazolium acetate ionosilica ionogels as efficient and recyclable organocatalysts for cyanosilylation reactions of ketones

14H25-14H50 :Jihen BEN HADJ -ENSICAEN, Caen Functionalization of zirconia surface with cationic and zwitterionic polymers using bisphosphonic acids as anchoring age

14H50-15h15 : Adriaan VAN DEN BRUINHORST, ENS, Lyon First Evidence of Melting for Choline Chloride using Fast Scanning Calorimetry

15H15-15H40 : Celso Yassuo OKADA-JUNIOR – IMP, University of Lyon Design of New Liquid Crystalline Epoxy Networks

15H40-16H10 : Coffee Break & Posters

SESSION  2Ionic Liquids for material science

16H10-16H35 : Gabriel PERLI-IMP, Lyon. Development of Multifunctional Degradable Epoxy Thermosets : from Design to the End of Life

16H35-17H00 :Nicolas DEMARTHE – IMN, Nantes Divalent metal solid-state electrolyte for hybrid capacitors: study of the coordination anion-to-Mg2+ via Raman spectroscopy

17H00-17H25 : Eric LEROY –GPEA, NANTES Melt processing of paramylon using an ionic liquid based plasticizer

17H25-17H50 : Tatiana BUDTOVA – CEMEF, Sophia Antipolis Textile waste upcycling into cellulose aerogel beads using ionic liquids

18H30 : Wine Tasting @the wine city

20H00 : Social Dinner

Jeudi, 6 octobre

9H00-9H30 : Feedback from GDR LIPS by J. DUCHET-RUMEAU and M. COSTA-GOMES

9H30-9H45 : Testimony of a COST experience

9H45-10H00 : Presentation of COST proposal by S.BOUQUILLON and J. LE BIDEAU

10H00-10H15 : Coffee Break

10H15-11H30 : Flash Presentation of attendees

11H30-12H00 : Synthesis and conclusion

12H00 :Lunch