2020 GDR LIPS Scientific Meeting

Thursday October 15th 2020

13H50-14H00 : Opening Welcome by Margarida Costa Gomes

SESSION  1 Ionic Liquids for Materials Design

Chairman : Agilio PADUA

14H00-14h30: Baris DEMIR –University of Queensland, Brisbane – Molecular Level Prediction of structure/property relationships in functionalised carbon fibre epoxy composites

14H30-15H00 :Alexei Radchenko – University of Lyon IMPDesign of novel ionic liquid epoxy monomers for 3D printing

15H00-15h30 : Yevhenii PRYKHODKO – University of Normandie PBS (Rouen)Improved performance of polymer membrane for CO2 capture by using amine containing ionic

SESSION  2 – Ionic Liquids for processing

Chairman : Sebastien LIVI

15H45-16H15 : Laurent CHAUNIER – INRAE (Nantes) – Thermoplasticization of Zein by [Lidocainium][Ibuprofenate] as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient-Ionic Liquid

16H15-16H45 : Frederica FEUZING – Université de Nantes GEPEA & ICMR – Paramylon : Processing routes for materials applications

16H45-17H15 : Tatiana BUDTOVA – CEMEF (Sophia Antipolis) – Ductile Cellulose Nanopaper combining high toughness and strength via pre-treatment with ionic liquid

17H00 :            Conclusion

                        Friday October 16th 2020

8H50-9H00 : Opening Welcome by Jannick Duchet Rumeau

SESSION  3 – Specific Task Ionic Liquids

Chairwoman: Sandrine BOUQUILLON

9H00-9H30 :     Lydie VIAU Institut UTINAM Besançon – Projet GDR LIPS (avec ICMR L. DUPONT) – Neat and confined Task Specific Ionic Liquids for selective Co(II) over Ni(II) extraction

9H30-10H00 :   Anass BENAYAD University of Grenoble Alpes-CEA LITENOperando XPS a novel approach for probing the surface reactivity lithium/ionic liquid based electrolyte as a case study

10H00-10H30 : Guillaume SIMONENS (Lyon) – Solubilisation of textile additives in ionic liquids – A computational and experimental study

SESSION  4 – Ionic Liquids for energy

Chairman :  Jean LE BIDEAU

10H45-11H15 : Véronique DUFAUD  – Université Lyon C2P2 – Projet GDR LIPS (avec M. COSTA-GOMES ENS Lyon) – Catalytic Conversion of CO2 in Porous Ionic Liquids

11H15-11H45 : Peter Hesemann – ICGM (Montpellier) – Projet GDR LIPS (avec G.Vo Thanh Orsay) – Dialkyl imidazolium acetate ionosilica as efficient and recyclable organocatalyst for cyanosilylation reactions of ketones

11H45-12H15: Ya KOBZAR – Normandie Univ PBS (Rouen) – New ionic liquid based polyoxadiazole electrolyte for hydrogen high- temperature fuel cells

12H15 : Conclusion