LIPS Research Consortium

2013 to 2021

Launch of the LIPS Research Consortium


home-5The association of ionic liquids and polymers is a dynamic, emerging topic which arouses great interest at all levels of the development of a highly functional material, from its synthesis and implementation through to its structuring, which plays a key role in determining its final properties. Great progress has been made in the activities carried out by both communities – ionic liquids and polymers – in recent years. We must now draw them together with a view to developing an understanding of the relationships between the structure of the ionic liquid and the impact on the properties of the polymer.

There is still little involvement from French industry, even though numerous stakeholders are showing an interest. So now is the time to launch collaborations between the two communities which are so complementary. A Research Consortium establishes a highly propitious framework for collective deliberations and discussions, which are essential for progress and the development of new, highly promising materials, while offering an opportunity to define the French community’s position on the subject and create links with the European scene.