CNRS School on Ionic Liquids and Polymers

29th June – 1st July 2016, Lyon, France

The CNRS school Ionic Liquids and Polymers is proposed by the CNRS Research Group (GDR 3585) created in January 2013 and led by J. Duchet-Rumeau from the Polymers Materials Engineering Laboratory in Lyon and M. Costa Gomes of the Institute of Chemistry of Clermont-Ferrand. This group brings together a large and active community of polymer scientists and specialists of ionic liquids with the aim of creating an interdisciplinary community capable of addressing different projects involving polymers and ionic liquids.

The number of scientific papers and patents concerning ionic liquids in association with polymers is increasing, demonstrating a growing interest on this field, both from the academic and from the industrial community. More often than not, a deep understanding of the molecular interactions and structure of the mixtures is essential for the development of new applications. The members of the CNRS Research Group Ionic Liquids and Polymers have remarked the lack of fundamental courses on ionic liquids on the syllabus of the chemistry diplomas in France. This situation is in contrast with other European countries, where ionic liquid are taught at the Master or doctoral level.

This CNRS school, held in France and opened to an international audience, intents to provide a fundamental basis to graduate students, technicians and young researchers on ionic liquids and their interactions with polymers. Several courses will be delivered by international experts in the fields of ionic liquids and of polymer science and will cover the synthesis and properties of ionic liquids, including prediction tools and environmental impact; the dissolution of polymers in ionic liquids; and the incorporation of ionic liquids in new polymer-based materials with controlled properties. The young scientists that participate at the CNRS school will be invited to discuss their scientific projects with the experts present around a poster session.


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300 €

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Academic participants

500 €

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Industrial/private sector participants

700 €

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Full price includes:

  • 3 nights in student-type accommodation with breakfast (default is a double room for students)
  • Lunch and coffee breaks during the Summer School
  • Cheese and wine party on the 29th June
  • Dinner party on the 30th June
  • Teaching materials in electronic support.

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